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Turmeric Ginger Tea for Healthy Digestion

Modern medicine has made many significant and beneficial advances in the past few decades, allowing us to combat disease in ways that were previously thought impossible. However, the increasing concern over side effects of many modern medicines, both short-term and long-term, has caused many people to seek out natural alternatives for their ailments, and digestive health is no exception. Turmeric ginger tea proves to be an exceptional  natural remedy, with a variety of positive effects that help to regulate and promote healthy digestive function.


Indigestion and Its Causes

Thousands of people are diagnosed every year with some kind of digestive disorder, with symptoms typically appearing twice a month or more. Digestive disorders can be not only uncomfortable, even painful, but they may have other adverse effects on your health overall. To determine how best to address digestive disorders, it is important first to understand the type of disorder and what its cause may be.

Nausea: Those who’ve experienced chronic queasiness understand how disruptive and uncomfortable it can be, especially when accompanied by vomiting. It can also stem from myriad sources. Inflammation of various organs can cause nausea, as well as a brain injury, food poisoning, food allergy, and balance issues such as vertigo. Alcohol is also known to cause nausea and vomiting, as well as some medications. Some types of nausea are known by their cause, such as motion sickness, and morning sickness in pregnant women, which is caused by hormones.

Acid Reflux: Known formally as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and informally as heartburn, this happens when acid from the stomach makes its way into the esophagus, which is unprotected against acid. Many people with GERD may have a hiatal hernia, which occurs when part of the stomach extends above the diaphragm, which allows acid to escape into the esophagus more easily. Other things that can cause reflux include eating too much too quickly, being overweight, eating late, eating acidic foods, alcohol, soda, smoking, pregnancy and some medications.

Abdominal Pain: This can stem from a number of issues depending on location. Pain in the upper abdominal region may be the result of muscle spasms, leading to a stomachache. A sharp pain, however, may be the result of a more serious condition, such as ulcers. In the lower abdomen, chiefly the bowel, abdominal pain may be the result of a food allergy or a disease such as inflammatory bowel disease or irritable bowel syndrome.

Constipation: It should be noted that constipation is not merely less frequent bowel movements, as regularity can vary between individuals. However, if bowel movements are as infrequent as two a week or less, and are also accompanied with difficulties such as straining and hard stool, it is considered constipation. It may result from inadequate water or fiber intake, stress, lifestyle disruptions such as traveling, a sedentary lifestyle, digestive issues such as IBD, some medications, and ironically, from the overuse of stool softeners, which can weaken the bowel over time.

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How Turmeric Ginger Tea Helps Digestion

Turmeric ginger tea can address many digestive dysfunctions and may not only ease digestive discomfort, but support healthier digestive function as well. The anti-inflammatory effect is especially beneficial  for digestion, as many digestive disorders are either caused or worsened by inflammation. Ginger has also been used for centuries to alleviate feelings of nausea, and is gentle on sensitive stomachs. Likewise, turmeric offers not only its own powerful anti-inflammatory properties, but a potent antispasmodic effect. This is particularly useful for calming overactive muscles that influence digestive upset, from stomach cramps to nausea and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Furthermore, turmeric also helps to support a healthy, functioning liver; as the liver is responsible for producing bile essential to the breakdown of food, this also improves the body’s ability to digest and absorb nutrients. Combined, these two potent spices offer significant relief for those dealing with digestive issues.